Mercy Monday

About Mercy Monday

St. Mary’s school is based on a 4 day school week, with most Mondays off of school. Our Mercy Monday program was created as a way to utilize certain Mondays of the year to share the Love of Jesus and perform Works of Mercy that he calls us to in the Gospel. The program is open to all St. Mary’s parishioners, and all students and families of St. Mary’s school.  This includes both public school and St. Mary’s students K-12. We currently have two Mercy Mondays in the fall semester and two in the spring.

On Mercy Mondays we host faith-based inspirational speakers and provide community  service opportunities for our students and parishioners to take part in, assisting those in need. The Catholic Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy are found in the teachings of Jesus and guide our Mercy Mondays. It is our hope to inspire our youth and grow our faith-based mission among our students, parishioners and our community.

Recent Mercy Monday projects have included yard work for needy families in Pierce City, spring cleanup of the Pierce City Park, volunteering at Camp Barnabas (a local camp for handicap children), and volunteering at the Monett Food Pantry. A current stretch goal is to develop a mission trip for our older children and parishioners.

Parent Committee

A parent committee meets throughout the year to guide our Mercy Monday program and develop projects for the year.  Our current committee consists of Glo Abromovitz, Kristi Barchak, Adam Boman, Mel and Darren Brown, Heather and Andrew Eckhart, Chrishna Paul, and Dana Stanphill. These parents cover all age groups of children at St. Mary’s school. The Mercy Monday parent committee is responsible for the speaker and projects each month in cooperation with Fr. Matt and Mr. Kramer.

Please contact anyone on the parent committee with questions or ideas for our next Mercy Monday. We hope you will join us in this exciting avenue to share the love and mercy of Jesus!!